Tools and Libraries


Tools and Libraries

OAuth 2.0 Playground

The OAuth 2.0 Playground walks you through the various OAuth flows by interacting with a real OAuth 2.0 authorization server.

It has examples of the Authorization Code flow, PKCE, the Device flow, as well as a simple example of OpenID Connect.

Example OAuth Client

This is an example OAuth client that you can configure using your own OAuth server’s authorization endpoint and token endpoint, provide a client ID and optional secret, and step through the OAuth flow with the live server. The tool will show you each redirect or request before it’s made so you can see the exact steps in the process.

OpenID Connect Debugger

The OpenID Connect Debugger allows you to test OpenID Connect requests and debug responses from the servers. You can configure the tool to work with any OpenID server such as Google’s.

Directory of Server and Client Libraries

The website contains a directory of servers, clients and services that support OAuth 2.0. You can find anything from complete OAuth 2.0 server implementations to libraries that facilitate each step of the process, as well as client libraries and proxy services.

If you have any libraries or services to contribute, you can add them to the directory as well. is a tool for debugging JSON Web Tokens. It allows you to paste a JWT and it will decode it and show the individual components. It can also verify the signature if you provide it with the secret that was used to sign the JWT.

Videos about OAuth

There is a great collection of videos about various OAuth topics at Feel free to add yours as well by following the link at the bottom of the website!